Why Europe Doesn’t Like Gambling Ads

Most recently, Belgium has banned the display of game ads. The restriction affected television. Where it is prohibited to broadcast about gambling, the display of digital advertising is limited, and other restrictions have affected online casinos my3win.

Bans for online casinos

Following television, the ban applies to Internet networks. Here, strict measures will be taken in this area. One of them is advertising your product exclusively on your website. Vlaminck clarifies that such an action borders on a reasonable decision.

Why advertise a site if the user already sees it in front of him? Nevertheless, there is a ban and it is stricter than sports betting, although it all started with them. Bookmakers defended their business, having managed to defend their right to exist.

The question of self-regulation of this law is not considered. The authorities preferred to take matters into their own hands. They are issuing measures that affect CSR, adding restrictions regarding the timing of advertising on TV.

How to deal with the situation

First, to limit advertising moves in settlements: to listen to the opinion of the people, to reduce aggression in advertising, to resort to more decent moves in an advertising campaign. Limited choice of ad placements. All these steps will prevent a worsening of the situation and allow the casino to convey information about their establishments to potential customers.

Given that marketing employees are active and creative people, they will be able to come up with loopholes where the law cannot apply to their way of advertising their product. Yes, television and radio broadcasting are now out of range.

The most important thing in this situation is to take into account the opinion of the regulatory authorities, not to contradict and withstand criticism from certain members of society. All this will help smooth out rough edges.

New legislation

The authorities did not stop at the ban and are developing a number of amendments that may come into force in Belgium. One such development points to the prohibition to combine certain activities online. The adoption of such a law will hit the entire gaming segment hard, shaking the already precarious position of the owners of the gambling industry.

With all the innovations, the policy of regulating the structure of the gambling business is actively monitored. By the end of the year, many will understand what and how will continue to interact on gambling in Belgium. It is here that all the eyes of interested parties are directed. Therefore, the advertising ban remains somewhat aloof from all restructuring that may occur in the near future.

The Christmas holidays will put the final point in the adoption of laws and indicate a new direction for the development of the gambling industry. This will affect the following areas: slot machines, horse racing bets.

Watching what is happening, all the owners of this business are waiting for innovations with horror. It remains unclear whether it will be possible to host several types of activities on one site or will have to develop many directions which will undoubtedly complicate the work for everyone in this system.

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